3 thoughts on “6666 Legislation, Military Deployment for Mass Vaccination, Multiple Agendas

  1. Dr. Judy said that Trump knew about her. But hasn’t reached out yet. AND, HE KNOWS THE TRAP THAT DEEP STATE SET FOR HIM, BUT HE’S LAYING A TRAP FOR FAUSI AND BIRX! DO YOU THINK THAT HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON? BUT, IF HE DIDN’T GIVE THEM A STAGE, HE KNEW THAT AS BAD AS THIS IS, THAT HE PROBABLY WOULDN’T BE ELECTED AGAIN! How fickle people are! Best president in history, has performed miracles, brought markets to all time high, but with the crap that’s going on and taking his time, he’s not had any extra time to fight the deep state. I know that he’s always 2 wks ahead of us, well, I just had to write before I forgot what I was going to say, so will send more after I watch the show, if I don’t do anything before I forget, I may not be able to recover the info that I stored when I want to write. I would really appreciate an answer when the show’s over. Thanks, Patriot!

    1. It’s so funny! I’m red pilling Sarah Westfall whose video was on here. I told her that I didn’t use to believe about the deep state when I first started reading. I sent her so many messages, about 10 in all on her twitter page. I’m beginning to be proud of myself! I’ve been tagging her in many Q posts and she’s been answering me. told her that she didn’t have many followers and that she should investigate it. She has lots of questions, I sent her Red Pill 78’s post about Judy Mikovits and told her to listen, as she discussed many things that Sarah discussed in this vaccine video. I bet she watches it, but believing begins slow for people who know nothing about this, told her that’s the way it was with me and that conspiracy news was now real news and the MSM was the conspiracy news now! I think my determination is paying off. Wonder if she will thank me. I told her than Sean was a believer that he wore the punisher pin which meant pain was coming for the deep state! Yeah me!

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