Thank You Patriots . . .

Dear Patriots,
First Thank You for voting because each vote counted. Please do not despair the Republican Senate has control with the bonus of two less RINOS.

God Almighty is in Control
Lift Up Your Spirits, God Almighty is in control and the abomination will not stand. President Trump has a plan to take down the Deep State and the criminal cabal Democrats, but . . . we didn’t get here overnight. And we got to deal with an infrastructure of criminals that’s been in place for decades. Which our President is disassembling right before our eyes.

House Work 99% Completed
I propose to you that our President completed 99% of what he needed from the House with the last and final step is the release of the declassified Nunes FISA memo of which is now out of the House’s control. He did use it as a “Stick” to keep them off balance during the mid-term while he focused more on strategy and the Senate.

You Don’t Play ALL Your Cards at Once
Our President got a double..triple bang out of the Nunes memo in the run up to the election plus he extracted and will incorporate Gowdy and Goodlatte from the House Judicial committee (both resigning by Jan 1) and in the next phase of his plans – The Take Down. The enemy is full of bluster today but is feckless to stop President Trump’s plan to restore the Republic. The House is irrelevant at this phase other than a noise maker for the fake media. Plus he has told us multiple times that he is not going to give away the Plans to the enemy.

Patriots Do Not Despair
So I say to you Patriots Do Not Despair but enjoy our fruits of victory. Please continue The Great Awakening and your prayers for our President. Prepare for election 2020 but watch for the Real Show before January 1.

God Save the Republic